Christmas Cheer from Max and Dave


Ginny Mahoney (Seymour Kneitel’s daughter, and Max Fleischer’s granddaughter) wrote to tell me that the Fleischer Studios website has been updated to include a remarkable Christmas collection. Photos, greeting cards, home movies, and press clippings from the most important New York studio are just a click away.

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More Famous Models

While cleaning my living space, I uncovered another stack of Famous Studios model sheets from Will Friedwald that I didn’t scan the first time around. IDs and notes follow each model.

The Wee Men (1947)

Little Red School Mouse (1949)

The Fly’s Last Flight (1949).
Drawn by Bill Tytla, who is not the credited director.

Boo-Hoo Baby (1951)

By Leaps and Hounds (1951)

Clown on the Farm (1952). Drawn by Dave Tendlar. An earlier, slightly different version of this model sheet from 1949 appears in Dark House’s Harvey Comics Classics Library Volume 4: Baby Huey, reflecting the earlier bucktoothed version of the Fox.

Double Cross-Country Race (1951)

Bluto, possibly for Child Sockology (1953), the only Famous cartoon with both him and Swee’ Pea.

Bride and Gloom (1954)


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Dell History is Good History

Funnybooks-350x518I reviewed Funnybooks, Michael Barrier’s important new book on the history of Dell Comics for the Comics Journal. You can read my review and comment at this link. I haven’t seen the printed book myself yet (I read the manuscript back in January), but I hope to soon. Amazon and University of California Press have been rather awkward in fulfilling orders since the initial November 28 publication date, although I’ve been notified that it should begin shipping December 16.

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Famous Model Sheets

Just to put these somewhere and add some solid cartooning to the Internet (it’s not in abundance), here is a slew of model sheets from Famous Studios, ranging from 1943 to 1957. All of these are courtesy of Will Friedwald. Some of these are copies from the collection of Frank Endres, one of animation’s good guys and a mainstay of Fleischer and Famous from the ’30s to the end of the ’50s. A red marking of “FE” was added to the models and to be respectful, I’ve left them intact wherever possible.

These are presented in rough chronological order. Take note of some of the dates and the gap between the cartoon’s production and the actual release date, which could be as long as three years!

The Henpecked Rooster (1944), drawn by Bill Hudson
01-Henpecked Rooster

Sheep Shape (1946), drawn by Dave Tendlar
02-Sheep Shape

The Circus Comes to Clown (1947)
03-Circus Comes

Little Audrey, drawn by Bill Tytla
04-Little Audrey Tytla

Wigwam Whoopee (1948)
05-Wigwam Whoopee1

Wigwam Whoopee (1948)
06-Wigwam Whoopee2

A Wolf in Sheik’s Clothing (1948)

Robin Hoodwinked (1948)
09-Robin Hoodwinked

A Balmy Swami (1949)
07-Balmy Swami

“Kitty”, drawn by Dave Tendlar
08-Katnip 1948

Baby Wants Spinach (1950)
10-Baby Wants Spinach

Pilgrim Popeye (1951)
11-Pilgrim Popeye 1

Pilgrim Popeye (1951)
12-Pilgrim Popeye 2

“Kitty Head Chart”, drawn by Dave Tendlar. (Katnip would be named in the 1951-52 season.)
13-Katnip 1950

Popeye, Oct. 1950, drawn by John Gentilella
14-Popeye Oct 1950

Swimmer Take All (1952)
15-Swimmer Take All

Popalong Popeye (1952)
16-Popalong Popeye

Popeye, April 1951 (differs slightly from Oct. 1950)
17-Popeye April 1951

Spunky Skunky (1952)
18-Spunky Skunky

By the Old Mill Scream (1953)
19-By the Old Mill Scream

Git Along Lil Duckie (1955), drawn by Dave Tendlar
20-Git Along Lil Duckie

Olive Oyl, Feb. 1952, drawn by Frank Endres
21-Olive Oyl Feb 1952

Dizzy Dishes (1955)
22-Dizzy Dishes

Wimpy, likely drawn for Penny Antics (1955)
23-Wimpy Penny Antics


Peekaboo (1957), drawn by Myron Waldman

Finnegan’s Flea (1958)
26-Finnegans Flea

Chew-Chew Baby (1958)
27-Chew Chew Baby


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