Michael Sporn

I’m sure everyone has read the terrible news that Michael Sporn passed away this weekend. I can’t articulate how unspeakably sad I’ve been. I never met him, and I was hoping to, now that I’m located in New York City, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Michael was always a friend and supporter through the blogs, and it was flattering that such an important figure held my writing in high esteem. (I mean, one of his Splog posts started, “You gotta love Thad Komorowski.” How kind can a guy get?) Only in recent years was I able to fully appreciate the man’s wealth of knowledge, and the fact that his love of the art form covered all kinds of animation and he was able to regularly and cogently express why.

We didn’t lose just a great filmmaker, writer, and preservationist – a big part of the art form just died. But, the invaluable animation resource he maintained daily for eight years will at least live on, as will his many wonderful films. Perusing and enjoying either for a few hours would be a great tribute.

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  1. Bill Burg

    Thanks for the tribute, Thad. You gave form to some of my nebulous thoughts. I never met Michael, either, though I’d hoped to, just as I hoped to one day see his feature anout Poe. Tonight I put the kids to bed and began watching Michael’s interview about the making of The Marzipan Pig, and I was feeling very, very sad indeed. It’s rather tricky, trying to morn someone one doesn’t really know, but who was nevertheless important in one’s life. This post made me feel like I wasn’t doing it alone. Again, thanks.

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