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disney_halloweenhexFor some reason, I now have an author’s page on ComiXology. Well, I do know the reason, actually: the entire line of Disney comics published by IDW are being published digitally on February 1st, and since I’m credited as a creator for my “Duck English” scripts of international stories, there be my byline.

As I’ve said many times, it’s been a privilege working with David Gerstein to bring these stories stateside. Despite some hiccups and dud concepts, it’s easily the best curated run of Disney comic books period. Case in point: “The Great Rock of Power-Plus”, by Francesco Artibani and Giorgio Cavazzano, a modern 57-page (!) masterpiece that manages to make the wholly unsympathetic Magica De Spell a sympathetic character. It was an honor to play a small part in bringing it stateside via last October’s Disney Giant Halloween Hex.

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  1. Craig D

    So when are you going to post your profile picture, eh?

  2. Deb

    I’ll agree with your assessment of the IDW line. It is certainly one of the more ambitious Disney lines in US comics history, willing to take chances on far more diverse material than Gladstone and Bruce Hamilton ever did. Mickey Mouse Shorts Season One does stand out as a bit of a “dud concept”, as the cartoons seemed to be adapted by someone at Disney Publishing that didn’t quite understand the series, although the scripters did what they could to make these things as entertaining as they could be, considering the limitations.

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